Vendor Checklist Prior to Showing a Property

Vendors checklist for open house

On a day to day basis we are constantly asked how to best present a property for sale, which has led us to making a checklist with all the basics for you to enjoy. Of course every property is different so for more specific advice don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a room by room walk through of your home, giving you specific tips to make your home ready for a successful open house. In the meanwhile, here is a checklist to get you started:

  • Ÿ        Overall meticulously clean home. This can be challenging. If you are finding the cleaning overwhelming, it                 may be worth hiring a professional to assist you prior to the first open home.
  • Ÿ        Odour Free. If this is not possible, try lighting a few scented candles.
  • Ÿ        No Clutter. Take advantage of our one month free storage option!
  • Ÿ        Keep windows open or air out for a couple of hours prior.
  • Ÿ        Good lighting is crucial – open all blinds and curtains (unless they are covering an unsightly view).
  • Ÿ        Turn lights on throughout to create warmth and ambience (including lamps). Note: Replace any light bulbs                 that have blown.
  • Ÿ        Ensure all inside plants are healthy and watered.
  • Ÿ        Fresh flowers in main living areas.
  • Ÿ        Remove all animals and their bedding, bowls, toys etc.
  • Ÿ        Empty all inside rubbish bins (ie. Kitchen, study, bathrooms) and where possible, hide or remove them from             the property.
  • Ÿ        Have a list of all special features and benefits of the home (including energy ratings, any notable features that           may not be clearly obvious).
  • Ÿ        Turn off computers and televisions (or alternatively put a slideshow of your McGrath property photos on).
  • Ÿ        Play subtle relaxing music and keep the volume low.
  • Ÿ        Grass cut and edges trimmed – no weeds.
  • Ÿ        Remove all toys and debris and out of place objects.
  • Ÿ        Pool and driveway both very clean.
  • Ÿ        Remove all dead flowers or plants and water garden.
  • Ÿ        Garbage bins outside hidden (or ask your neighbours if they would mind storing them for open viewings).
  • Ÿ        Any water features should be clean and filled.


  • Ÿ        Benchtops and shelves clean and all appliances removed.
  • Ÿ        Bowl of fresh fruit on the counter.
  • Ÿ        Remove anything that smells from the refrigerator and cover items.
  • Ÿ        Remove magnets, notes and paraphernalia from the fridge.


  • Ÿ        Counters clean and free of medicine and personal care products.
  • Ÿ        Medicine equipment removed.
  • Ÿ        Toilet lid down.
  • Ÿ        Bath toys removed.
  • Ÿ        Towels neatly folded.

Living Room

  • Ÿ        Remove toys.
  • Ÿ        Remove newspapers, any magazines or books from the room except some lifestyle magazines on the table.
  • Ÿ        Keep furniture minimal. Light, small pieces will open up the room and make it appear larger.

        Entry Foyer

  • Ÿ        Remember that first impressions count (fresh flowers).
  • Ÿ        No clutter, no books, smelly shoes, mail.


  • Ÿ        Bed neatly made.
  • Ÿ        Dirty clothes away.
  • Ÿ        Neat, tidy and organised wardrobes.
  • Ÿ        Well ventilated.
  • Ÿ        White/neutral linen is preferable (particularly in small bedrooms).

Dining Room

  • Ÿ        Chairs pushed in.
  • Ÿ        Set the dining table as if you are having guests or place a nice centre piece in the middle of the table.
  • Ÿ        Dimmed lighting.


  • Ÿ        If cars are on the property during the showing they should be in the garage/car port and be meticulously                   clean.
  • Ÿ        Remove any rubbish ie. Tiles, paint cans, timbers, old tyres, etc.
  • Ÿ        Gurney and degrease garage floor to ensure it is clean and presents well.


  • Ÿ        Ensure entry gates do not squeak. Some WD40 should take care of such noises.
  • Ÿ        Ensure no rubbish, debris or miscellaneous items are in the yard/garden.
  • Ÿ        Finish off any odd jobs in the yard.
  • Ÿ       Ask your neighbours (if possible) if they would be able to assist on open day by maintaining their properties              (ie.mowing their lawns, taking their dog for a walk, no parties on open day etc). It may be worth pointing out            that the higher price you get for your property the more their property will be worth.

For Selling Enquiries, Please Contact:

Tim Cullen on  0424 006 855

Bernadette Cullen on  0414 618 908

About Tim Cullen

Since joining McGrath Estate Agents 15 years ago, Tim Cullen has defined himself as a first class industry leader with an outstanding track record and rapidly growing and loyal client base. He ranked 1st on the Northern Beaches in this year’s Real Estate Business’ Top 100 Agents List and ranked 21st nationwide.