Top Reasons Why People Sell Homes

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1. Personal relationships – Both falling in love and falling out of love often results in the sale of a property or multiple properties. When romances begin, marrying or moving in with a new partner can cause one or both parties to sell their existing property purchased prior to the commitment. Or, on the other hand, when a romance is not going as planned, a divorce or a break up usually results in the need to sell in order to divide finances should neither be able to buy the other party out. Many times even when finances are not an issue, divorcing or separating couples often feel an emotional detachment to the property and feel the need for a fresh start to move on from bad memories.

Every day we assist people who are separating or divorcing. We understand and appreciate just how stressful this stage in their life is and are pleased we can help them move on to a new chapter in their life. In such situations it is crucial that a high level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality is maintained throughout the sale for the privacy and respect of our clients and their family.

2. Upsizing or Downsizing – Most first home buyers outgrow their first purchase in around 5 or less years. The primary reason for this is an increase in family size. As partners, babies and pets enter the scene, the need for more space is inevitable. So as the family continues to grow, they may need to move again to accommodate for the family. On the other end of the spectrum, as children grow up and move out, the need for such space begins to decrease. Cleaning and maintaining a large home can be both costly, difficult and impractical, particularly if there are a lot of stairs or difficult access. So it usually makes sense to sell and move into a more suitable property for life without kids.

3. Upgrading – It is natural human behaviour to always strive for bigger, grander, more expensive homes. So, generally as people earn more or come into money they sell and purchase a superior home. In the current market many people are enjoying great gains by doing this. The luxury market still has a long way to go before it has fully recovered, yet affordable and mid-range homes are achieving strong results, so it is a great time to upsize. We have had many clients make great gains from doing this, in fact have done this ourselves!

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4. Fixing a purchase mistake – When buyers purchase a new home, often issues they thought they could live with or overlooked altogether begin to annoy them. For example, they may have thought it wouldn’t bother them having a hip nightclub nearby, a school across the road, or no second bathroom. But in time people often find they really do want to rectify the issues that annoy them by moving to a home that suits their requirements. It doesn’t always mean spending more money on the next home, it just means finding a place that has your priority criteria requirements correct.

5. The Home Improvement Cycle – Many Australian’s love to renovate, extend, landscape and make improvements to their home with the aim of adding further value. Once everything is done and finished it is very tempting to sell and “cash in” while the home is still fresh and current. For advice on whether renovating and selling will work for your home please speak to us…preferably before you start investing large amounts of money so we can give you the best advice on where to spend your money and if it will be profitable.

Other popular reasons for selling include: Job transfers, neighbourhood changes and disputes, to move closer to or further away from family, moving to retirement villages or nursing homes, death, financial changes and lifestyle changes.

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