Real Estate Industry Top 100 Agents Announced

It was a big week in the real estate industry this week. The Real Estate Business Top 100 Agents ranking was announced at the Australian Real Estate Convention (known to most agents as AREC) which was held on the Gold Coast. Agents of all levels of experience flocked to the event to hear some of the world’s best speakers share their invaluable knowledge and also to hear the announcement of who made the top 100 agents this year.

Real Estate Industry Top 100 Agents AnnouncedWe were delighted that Tim had yet again ranked in as the number one agent on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Nationwide, Tim ranked 21st, which was up two places from last year when he ranked 23rd in Australia. Of all the agents on the Northern Beaches, only three appeared in the top 100 list which is a clear indication of how tough it is to rank.

McGrath Estate Agents held their heads high as the results were announced. They dominated the list, having the most sales people in the top 100. McGrath also had a massive 50% of the agents ranking in the top 10 in Australia. For full details on the 2013 Real Estate Business Top 100 Agents ranking click here.

On other news this week, it was a pleasure learning from the infamous Jordan Belfort. Jordan has written two best-selling memoirs, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street . His life story is so remarkable that it has been made into an upcoming movie staring  Leonardo DiCaprio. Jordan shared his powerful sales techniques and knowledge in an intensive training session on Monday. Learning from people such as Jordan Belfort, Chris Gardner (who Will Smith played in The Pursuit of Happiness), Alan Jones, John Symonds and an array of other highly successful leaders all in one week was inspirational and empowering. With such insight, our team is even further equipped to help our clients achieve brilliant results!

If you are thinking of selling and wish to chat about how to achieve the maximum for your property, call us today. We look forward to speaking to you soon!

Tim Cullen of McGrath Estate Agents Manly placed 23rd in the 2012 Real Estate Business Top 100 Agents. Press release

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