How To Increase Your Home’s Value By Thousands of Dollars Before Selling

increasing a home's value

  • Professional Photography: Whether buyers see your property in the Manly Daily, the internet or other piece of marketing material, the quality and strength of the photo will determine just how appealing the property is and impact whether buyers will inspect the property. Professional photography is vital to ensure you don’t lose buyers before they even set foot on your property.
  • First Impressions Last:The presentation of your property is a crucial factor in achieving the highest possible price. This is similar to detailing a car before you sell it. The emotional appeal required to stir the spirit of the buyers is unlikely to be generated by a poorly presented property. A neglected/cluttered home sends out ‘warning signals’ to prospective buyers. So it is important to do whatever is possible to have your property looking its absolute best on inspection day. Some of the turn offs for buyers include:
      • Animal odours in the house
      • Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls
      • Cigarette or strong food odours
      • Doors, windows or gates that stick
      • Cracked glass
      • Too much furniture or personal belongings cluttering the space
      • Stained carpet
  • Seek Styling Advice from Professionals: An experience agent and property stylist will provide the best advice on how to best present your home. Small changes can significantly alter the appeal of your home and assist in achieving a higher price for your home.
  • Obtain a building and pest report: This allows you to address any issues that are reported and gives you the chance to do all the necessary repair work done prior to the sale. A good report will minimise the chance of the sale falling through and can be a good selling feature for buyers.
  • Gain advice from your real estate agent PRIOR to renovating your home: Before launching into any costly renovations to your home, it is best to speak to a real estate agent to ensure your money is spent wisely and assess whether it is worth doing at all. There is nothing worse than overcapitalising after weeks, months or even years of hard work. A good agent knows the market and knows what buyers want. They are a fantastic point of contact to ensure your efforts are rewarded with a profit.
  • Market your home (you can’t sell a secret!): As much as we wish we could avoid spending money on marketing costs, it is a very costly mistake when it comes to selling your home. Invest in your property marketing and you will reap the rewards.
  • Get the tick when buyers do a ‘drive by’ : It is very common for buyers to ‘drive by’ your property prior to the open home. This can determine whether they will turn up to the open home. Make sure your property is neatly presented and shown to its best potential as they could cross your property off the list in a few seconds. A real estate agent and/or a landscape designer will be able to provide good advice on how to ensure your property has improved street appeal.
  • Focus on kitchens and bathrooms: According to statistics, the majority of property decisions are done by women. So a few cosmetic enhancements to your kitchen and bathroom/s can make a real impact on the value of your home. Before making improvements it is best to speak to your agent or stylist.
  • Ask for your neighbours cooperation: It is not always possible but if you do have an ok relationship with your neighbours, ask that they assist your sale by keeping their home well presented and to keep noise to a bare minimum. Remind them that the sale price of your home will impact the value of theirs so it is in their best interests to cooperate. Perhaps you could offer to mow their lawn or tuck their bins away. Buyers will be looking at and assessing what the neighbours are like so it will be well worth your while!
  • Pick a good real estate agent! Real estate agents have the necessary skills and training to not only sell your home but maximise its potential. They have a detailed knowledge of the market and local area and manage the whole process for you – which is much more demanding and specialised than it appears. Your real estate agent will know all the legal requirements and will ensure you are in the best of hands. A good agent has the ability to add anything from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to your sale price.
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