How To Get The Best Out Of Property Auctions

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Auctions are emotionally charged events for both sellers and buyers alike. But if you get the combination of elements right, you can achieve an exceptional result. To execute an auction successfully, a fine balance of ingredients needs to line up — the property, the marketing, the price, the timing, the agent and the auctioneer. If just one of […]

Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

With 2014 on the horizon, many of our clients are beginning to ask a lot of frequently asked questions in preparation for a sale in the new year. So to assist, Tim has answered these questions in six short videos, giving honest and straight forward advice which will guide you in making the right choices […]

Should I Sell Now or in the New Year?

Christmas selling

Right now the question on everyone’s lips is “Is there still time to sell this year or should I wait until the New Year?” Ordinarily at this time of year we recommend our clients to hold off until the New Year if they are not on the market by the first week of December. This […]

Quick Snapshot of the Spring Property Market 2013

Northern Beaches of Sydney

As we head into Spring of 2013 the property market is heating up even faster than the weather. Buyers are out in force and due to the competition they are being forced to pay big money. Over the last couple of weekends our open homes have actually shut streets down with the amount of traffic […]

Selling Your Home Privately vs Using A Real Estate Agent

Is using a real estate agent a cost or an investment?

When considering a move, the concept of selling your home yourself can appear very tempting and may at first seem like a great money saving tactic. After all, avoiding paying an agent thousands of dollars is pretty appealing right? The trouble is, whilst it may seem like you are saving money…in almost all cases, running the […]

Property Appraisals: And What to Make Of Them


Property appraisals – firstly, what are they? From my experience I have found that property appraisals are very often mistaken for property valuations. So before I go on I first want to clarify what the difference is. A property market appraisal is a real estate agents opinion of what a property is worth based on recent […]

Divorce and Selling Your Home


  Quick tips to help minimise the stress and maximise your finances… When a relationship breaks down, it can have a devastating effect on your emotional and financial life. All of a sudden the world as you know it is turned upside down, and the comfort of consistency and stability is pulled from underneath your […]

Preparing Your Property For A Building And Pest Inspection

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When it comes to preparing your home for sale, many people understand the importance of styling and presenting their home so it looks its best. But quite often it is the areas of the house that you can’t see (such as underneath the house, storage areas and roof spaces) that get forgotten. Whilst it is […]

May/June 2013 Market Update

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The weather may be cooling down as we head into winter, but the property market is really heating up. 2013 has seen the market go from strength to strength. We have been seeing steady growth in lower end properties for a while now, but finally (after years of little or no movement) the upper end […]

Setting The Auction Reserve Price

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Auctions can be stressful and emotionally-charged events, so when the time comes to setting the reserve, it can be really overwhelming unless you have the right knowledge and advice on hand. It is an important decision that is best done with logic, so try leaving your emotions aside for a moment and trusting facts in order […]

Top Reasons Why People Sell Homes

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1. Personal relationships – Both falling in love and falling out of love often results in the sale of a property or multiple properties. When romances begin, marrying or moving in with a new partner can cause one or both parties to sell their existing property purchased prior to the commitment. Or, on the other […]

Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography

preparing your home for photography

With Christmas mere days away and excitement in the air, we have just entered the quietest two week period for real estate of the entire year. With a huge amount of fantastic properties lined up for January though, it is clear it will be a short lived rest. In fact, we predict the heat will be […]

Marketing Your Home For Sale – An Investment or Cost?

marketing your home for sale

In such a competitive market it can be difficult to make your property stand out. Many agents will tempt you by the idea of saving money by using cheap or even free marketing. Although at first this may sound very appealing, the trouble is, it will actually end up costing you a lot of money […]

Step By Step Checklist Prior to Property Settlement

step by step property settlement checklist

As the sold sticker goes up and the champagne comes out, there is usually a sigh of relief and a blissful moment where you feel you can finally relax! The reality though is that this feeling is likely to be short lived, as the moving process ahead dawns on you. With good planning though it […]

How To Get The Best Out of Property Auctions

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Auctions are emotionally charged events for both sellers and buyers alike. But if you get the combination of elements right you can achieve an exceptional result. To execute an auction successfully, a fine balance of ingredients need to line up — the property, the marketing, the price, the timing, the agent and the auctioneer. If […]

Vendor Checklist Prior to Showing a Property

Vendors checklist for open house

On a day to day basis we are constantly asked how to best present a property for sale, which has led us to making a checklist with all the basics for you to enjoy. Of course every property is different so for more specific advice don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a room by […]

How To Increase Your Home’s Value By Thousands of Dollars Before Selling

increasing a home's value

Professional Photography: Whether buyers see your property in the Manly Daily, the internet or other piece of marketing material, the quality and strength of the photo will determine just how appealing the property is and impact whether buyers will inspect the property. Professional photography is vital to ensure you don’t lose buyers before they even […]

How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent


 For most Australians property is their single most valuable asset, so it’s important to deal with an agent that you know you can trust. Many agents prefer to tell you what you would like to hear, rather than delivering accurate and realistic information. It is vital to ensure you don’t miss your one window of […]

Is It A Good Time To Sell?

Is it A Good time to sell

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Is it a good time to sell?” Although timing can impact a sale, a good property that is priced right will sell well at any time of the year. With the marketing process having become far more sophisticated than in previous times, the issue of […]