Tips To Help You Before You Buy

Signing contracts when buying a home

Joshua Mackow of guest blogs today, giving us some practical tips to help you when purchasing a property. Joshua’s advice will provide you with some great options that you may not have considered or even realised possible. So enjoy the article and feel free to contact us for more specific advice regarding your particular situation. […]

What To Look For In A Strata Report

Block shot

  If you are considering buying an apartment, duplex or strata managed townhouse, it is crucial to obtain a strata report prior to an unconditional exchange. For private treaty sales this is often done in the “cooling off” period. A strata report provides you with the vital information about the building and overall condition of the property […]

New Trend Alert…Parents Buying Properties For Their Children


With the property market on the rise, a new trend has emerged for increased numbers of parents buying properties with or for their children. As a real estate agent and parent who personally intends to help my own children with their future housing, I have a very good insight into why so many people are […]

10 Quick Tips For Earning More From Your Investment Property

increasing investment property value

1. Professionally style and market your property Professionalism with every aspect is crucial. The styling, photos, copy and all marketing strategies must all be done to a meticulous standard. Having your property professionally presented and marketed will attract quality tenants and maximise your return. 2. Perfect timing The rental market is very seasonal. Capitalising on […]