Splash Out With 2013’s Luxurious New Colour Trends

Northern Beaches residents are set to embrace this year’s top colour trends, with Ocean Colours being marked as the hot new thing for 2013! Think of the beautiful hues found in rock pools and ocean ripples all over the Northern Beaches. Emerald Green, Blue Crush, Deep Monaco, Blue Knapped Flint (dark grey), Polenta (sand yellow), Indigo Blue, Spring Meadow (a medium green) and Cascade Blue. These stunning colours are not new to us locals. We enjoy them on a daily basis as we gaze into our beautiful waters. But now the whole world has chosen to take them on-board. The Pantone Colour Institute, who lead the way in world colour trends, have recently announced that the Colour of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green. Green is the most abundant colour in nature and as such represents new growth, prosperity, rejuvenation, healing and good fortune.

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As is always the case, colour trends are a reflection of our society. Since the economy and the property market have been making a strong recovery, it is no surprise that a colour representing new growth and good fortune has taken out the title as the number one pick for 2013. Luxe is back! People are moving forward from the lean years and are ready to put some glamour back into their tones. As the economy moves forward to richer times, so will colour tones. Jade, deep blue and emerald evoke a mysterious luxury and wealth. So like it or leave it, this sizzling colour palette for 2013 is great news.

So how do we incorporate these luxurious colours into our homes? Well before you rush off and start painting your home to look like the Emerald City of Oz, it is best to realise that strong colours are best delivered in small doses. If you plan to sell your home, this is even more crucial to understand. The majority of your potential buyers will have their own colour choices and preferences in mind. A lot of emotion is linked to colour, so whilst it may appeal to some, it may well trigger a negative response by several of your key buyers. So to take full advantage of happening colour trends whilst still maximising your sales potential, my advice is to stay neutral for your walls and any large furniture…but feel free to have fun and splash out with your favourite ocean tones for pillows, artwork and items that are easily moved (ie. Vases, sculptures etc). If you would like specific advice on colour tones and how to maximise your sales potential, we offer a free service for all our clients. Phone us today to discuss in further detail.

Manly real estate agents

Bernadette has an Advanced Diploma in Design from the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design and provides complimentary colour and styling tips for Northern Beaches Property Specialists Clients.

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